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"FaceBookin" video & commentary
Album "Listening Party" April 5th 2013


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"FaceBookin" video & commentary

Tune in Jan. 20th 2014 via YouTube: thabizsho

-PanAndEnvision Films

Album "Listening Party" April 5th 2013

PAEandMoneyMadewill host it's first "Listening Party" April 5th 2013.
The Album
"Money Conva$kation"
This event is to welcome all fans who has kept itPAEwhile stayinMoneyMadeto the Movement!!!   Come out and make yourShowith the Movement andV.I.P's.  
Please come with genuine kindness, and williness to mingle among the Good
G-Bizask what ya'll know about the Takeover n Cover-up...........
Stay Tuned In For The  official