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Welcome to  P.A.E ENT.
PAE Talk!
The C.E.O and founder, 
has a passionate love for the Arts.  A graduate of honors in economics, a man of humanitarian achievements, evolving into an office enterprise of productivity. At the present moment focusing on the release of his debut album  "Money Conva$kation"
Known for crafty accolades throughout the Biz World! Here at PAE its more than music. We specialize in exceptionally influential recording, manufacturing, and distribution.Our goals involving corporate communication for Global Recommendation.  
Poems, Ambitions, Endeavors 
~ The Poetry In Motion Project ~
KIPSMMPAE ENT  "Keepin things Together" from Memphis Tennessee, a Professional Business Administration along with Marketing, Accounting and Public Relations. As a result, a high percentage of our clients are from referrals. Join The Team With A Membership To Truly Experience The "Motto"
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